Data on 600 Computers Lost with a Push of a Button

Bob Styran, IT audit expert
November 18, 2010 /

Nashville, Tennessee – Due to an inadvertent dissemination of a single computer command, about 600 sets of computer affected would likely not recover the lost data stored in the hard disk, said Keith Durbin, Metro’s Information Technology Director.

Durbin said Metro’s Information Technology did every measure to try to undo the damage the computer command has wreaked on the computers, but that the effects could no longer be reversed.

The computer command was erroneously sent out to the departments across the city, cleaning up everything stored in the computers. Some of the affected areas and offices were the mayor’s office, IT Services, the library, the finance department and the city’s fire and emergency communication departments.

Metro’s Information Technology has tried to recover the lost pieces of data from a portion of the total sets of computer affected but to no avail, Durbin said.

Durbin said that there are existing department policies which make it mandatory to keep critical information in network drives or in a back-up folder.

Fortunately, there are still areas that remained unaffected by the incident such as the police, sheriff’s, school and judicial departments.

Durbin assured that the personal information of the people is not at peril.

Durbin believed that the error could be attributed to the operator and that there are no traces of malicious intent.

Specialists have already investigated the situation to find out what really was wrong with the computer command.

IT staff has already started moving out the affected computers since Tuesday for repair but said recovery of all the departments’ systems might take a couple of days.


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