Termination of Employment of 2 Passport Execs Enforced As Part of ‘reform’

Steven Bobson, Europe & Americas Editor
December 07, 2010 /

Kentucky – Following the demand last week by Governor Steve Beshear to revamp the management of Passport Health Plan, a Louisville-based care provider with the largest annual government contract of $800 million, termination of employment of the two executives has been concurred in a meeting Tuesday.

Passport Executive Vice President Shannon Turner and Associate Vice President Nici Gaines had their heads rolling as part of the reform list, which contains 11 demands from Gov. Beshear, reviewed by Janie Miller, secretary of Health and Family Services. The termination of employment, confirmed by Passport’s interim CEO Mark Carter, was prompted by a state audit that found out conflicts of interest among top officials of the care provider.

Carter, who replaced Larry Cook as CEO last week, said he was not surprised to learn the termination of employment of Turner and Gaines, though it must be approved by the Passport board. He said the move represents the commitment of all concerned to carry out the purpose of Passport to serve the community. Passport, being funded by Medicaid, serves over 164,000 beneficiaries in Jefferson and 15 other areas.

Carter added that he believed everyone was advancing the “interests of the plan ahead of the interests of individuals.” He promised for a thorough consideration of every detail of the rest of the demand of Beshear on their meeting Wednesday.

The basis for the termination of employment of the two top executives of Passport roots to their overspending of its funds on their luxury and the dubious fund transfer from Passport to the providers.


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