Gate of Opportunity Has Opened Up for Accountants

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
September 13, 2010 /

According to study of online recruiting data by the Reed Global Group, there has been a sky-scrapping demand for accountancy staff in August as compared to a background of flat job demand all over UK economy as a whole. Reed Finance Salary and Reed Accountancy Guide 2009 is the most inclusive guide to gain knowledge of the benefits, salaries and information of market around and finding how to draw and retain the best talent. For the four consecutive months, the Reed Salary Index read 95, with £31,728, as an average national salary, for new jobs in August, as against £31,919 in the month of July. Ever since the index began in December 2009, availability of new jobs for accountants (pre-qualified), increased to their highest level with an increase of 17% in the level of vacancies, last month as against eight months back. At present the job index of accountancy stands at 118 which is 16 points more than the national level of 102 recorded for all vacancies. An increase in the demand for fully-qualified accountants was also seen in August as against in July to reach 110, even though, the increase in demand for fully-qualified accountants took a halt short of this job sector’s record high set in May. Although the pre-qualified accountants are holding steady for fully-qualified accountants, there was a bit reduction in salaries for new pre-qualified accountancy jobs according to the study of Reed’s statistics. The managing director of, Martin Warnes, said that the employers are turning to accountants first to assist them overcome the recession while the demand for job has stayed flat in other areas, as further accountants return to the job market and join the ones who faced joblessness over the last couple of years.


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