Gareth Davies Appointed MD by the Audit Commission

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
September 13, 2010 /

Gareth Davies would be leading the audit practice of the Audit Commission as the new Managing Director. It may influence the future of the Audit Commission in an audit market galvanized by an open local government.

Audit Commission is an independent regulator committed to improve efficiency, effectiveness and economy in an open local government in order to deliver better results for all concerned. Its work covers the area of audit, assessment, research and data matching. The work of Audit Commission span across local government, housing, health, public safety, fire fighting measures and risk and disaster management. It annually audits taxpayer’s money to the tune of $200 billion covering spending by more than 11,000 local bodies. It depends upon the Big Four firms to share some of its work.

23 years old Gareth Davies is CIPFA qualified having experience in the area of public audit. He has been the Commission’s MD for LG and housing and community safety since 3 years. He was also a district auditor market accomplishing audits in Yorkshire. His audit portfolio included NHS bodies and big local authorities. He has also been assigned public audit work in the South East Asia and London

Davies may have to play a pivotal role in preparing his audit staff for being able to compete in the open for local audit as an employee owned organization in order to serve the emerging market effectively and efficiently. He wishes to ensure that councils, local public services and foundation trusts are given unique options. He says that since 2005, they have competed effectively for foundation trust audits and there is a great demand for specialist sector expertise.

Gareth Davies has already started preparing the establishment for this key transition straight away.


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