Female Accountants Down with High Stress Levels

Steven Bobson, Europe & Americas Editor
September 10, 2010 /

A research conducted by Chartered Accountants’ Association revealed that more than 25 percent accountants have become alcoholic and approximately 10 percent are reported to be consuming drugs to ease out their stress levels.

Another study done on the National Stress Awareness Day by the CABA gave some astonishing figures. It was reported that about 82 percent of the accountants complained of being stressed out.  Around 77 percent of them stated that the cause of their stress was long working hours while 71 percent believed that it was due to work-life imbalance.

It has also been brought to notice that female accountants are more affected and the suicide rates for female accountants is more than in any other profession. The rate is three times more in this profession than compared to other work streams.  This indeed is alarming.

The females are more affected by long working hours as they have to do multi tasking which takes a toll over their stress levels. The employers have also become very demanding putting more pressure on the accountants. Another apparent reason for the escalating stress graph is recent economic recession. Most of the accountants fear of being fired from their jobs.

Kath Haines who is the chief executive at CABA stated that it was the duty of the employers to keep a track of stress signs amongst their employees. She said that accountancy being‘high-pressure profession’ needs to chalk out methods to relieve its employees of their stress. She said that the employers should realize that if a person is not able to cope up with the work assigned then they should not overburden her with more work. The stress of being overburdened has a serious impact on both their professional as well as personal lives.


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