Vacancy Levels Up by 17% for New Accountants

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
August 30, 2010 /

The demand for new accountancy staff has reached a record high in the month of August this year, according to an analysis of online recruiting data by the Reed Global Group.

This surge in demand comes as a surprise against the background of a flat job demand market across the UK.

The Reed Job Index tracks job demands and salaries on offer.

In its recent analysis, the Reed Global Group has tracked the salaries on offer and the new job opportunities compared with the previous month. It has also followed a baseline of 100, which was created in December last year.

Since Reed started the index in December 2009, the new jobs that have been available for pre-qualified accountants rose to its highest levels in the month of August.

When compared to 8 months ago, the new job vacancies for accountants in last month rose by 17%.

The Reed Global Group has given 118 to the accountancy job index. This is 16 points higher than the national level of UK, which is at 102 across all the recorded vacancies.

Compared to July, in August, the demand for fully-qualified accountants also rose and reached 110. However, the increase could not reach the job sector’s record high in the month of May.

Reed’s statistics have also shown that salaries for vacancies of pre-qualified accountancy jobs have been slipping a little since last month. However, salaries for fully-qualified accountants was holding steady.

Martin Warnes, managing director of, which is the online presence of Reed Global Group, said in a statement that though job demand has been flat in other sectors, people have been looking for qualified accountants to help them get out of the recession, and that explains the surge in job demand in the sector.


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