Confidence Revival in Job Market: Pwc Graduate Application Touched 118%

Lucas Gilmore, “Big 4″ observer
November 17, 2010 /

PwC has received 5,500 applications for its graduate scheme in the last six weeks. This was an increase of 118% over the same period in 2009. PwC says that this surely is an indicator of revival of confidence in the job market of students.

PwC had created over 1600 roles, which comprised of 1200 graduates, 400 placements, interns, and some 70 A level students in October. Full time interns and roles have a share of 100 positions each. This was the biggest ever recruitment initiated by the firm.

This was in accordance with the commitment of Big Four to hire about 3850 graduates made in August 2010.
Head of student recruitment in PwC, Richard Irwin said that such record attendance at the campus event was in high contrast to similar event three years ago when one could sense signs of ambivalence from students at the start of the year. He added that there was much stronger determination among the students to get a decision on a job or experience at the earliest.

Irwin further said that PwC would identify talented students through this program as early as possible. The number of internship places on offer is up by 50%, with over 500 internship and placement vacancies available for 2011. Irwin said PwC aimed to use this program to identify talented students as early as possible.

The recruitment team of the firm would be taking a tour of around 30 university campuses all over the country including major regional offices of the firm all through the year.


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